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Empowering communities through education and support.



Birth Tissue Donor Services of America is a non-profit organization started by Birth Tissue Donor Services of TN in 2020. BTDS of America was created to serve our surrounding communities by providing practical resources & support to moms through our maternity assistance programs & by supporting other nonprofits with similar missions.

Our Mission

BTDS of America's mission is to promote growth in surrounding communities by connecting individuals in need to local organizations, free medical and health-related education, and sponsoring moms on maternity leave, events, and fundraisers through our proceeds from Seeds Maternity.

Our Vision

We look forward to expanding birth tissue donation programs, serving our surrounding communities with free medical and health-related education, and being a leading organization in charity donations.

our impact

Emotionally, physically, or financially in need? We want to help connect you to organizations in your area and see if you qualify for our maternity leave assistance programs.

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Hosting an event for a nonprofit or to raise money for your community or a family in your community? We would be happy to review your sponsorship request and see how we can help.


BTDS' passion is to see a community grow. We believe this starts with education. Contact us to find out what free medical and health related classes are in your area.


Contact Us

404 N. Willow Ave

Cookeville, TN 38501


tel. 931-526-2885

fax. 931-528-1296

office hours

monday - friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

saturday - sunday: closed

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